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We are based in Central England, and for the first two years have concentrated on this area. We continue to focus our work within the Midlands, and hope to expand to other aeas within the UK in the near future.

Our Mission statement:
"Our aim is to promote the study of genealogy and family history with particular reference to people having lived in or been associated with the United Kingdom"

Our consultants and lecturers have been teaching family history since 2006 in a number of different venues, schools, colleges universities, village halls, community centres, libraries, record offices and museums. Because we have been doing this at a 'grass roots level' we have gained an insight into the needs of family history students. Our whole approach to family history has been informed by this.

The idea for this website originated from students requests for a central resource of information on the web. Similarly, the Family History research packs and kits which we have developed have been designed with students of all ages and levels in mind, be they young or old, novice or expert. Indeed, almost everything that we do at Family History Detectives is as a direct result of our student's requests, and as a result we feel that we understand their needs as they carry out research into their family history.

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