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October 2010

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The newsletter is released regularly, and aims to keep you informed and continually updated as to the latest developments in family history generally as well as with ourselves at family history detectives.

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We want the newsletter to contain the things you want. For this reason we would appreciate your comments about what you would like to see in it. Here is a list of the comments we have recieved so far:

- Links to the best websites
- The latest developments in family history
- Updates and new acquisitions to sites
- Reader's experiences and stories
- Ask us a question
- Information on courses, events and trips that are taking place
- Surname interest lists (where people can list the surnames they are interested in)
- Book recommendations and reviews; a section of the newsletter divided and devoted into country interests
- Stories from readers about their research and the people in their family trees.

We welcome any suggestions that you may have. We want you to look forward to and enjoy reading the newsletter and we hope that you will find it both informative and useful. We would like to encourage everyone to contribute.

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Note: Your email address will only be used for communicating with you in relation to this newsletter and Family History We do not sell or pass on names and email addresses to third parties. If you do not want to hear from us from time to time in addition to receiving the newsletter pelase do not subscribe to the newsletter.

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